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game nats nats the o's loseein a heartbreakee to the yankees.the plly that post the game... and whyyo's ffns haven't givvnnup hope just yet. "the last words i remember is new scam that can hold your personal information hostage... and what you can do about it. school officials are doing to cut down on the number of times kids miss school every p3year ii maryland. 3 ponday, octooer 8th.
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3 a thirddperson in maayland has now deeeloped meningiiis after receiving a sttroid injection
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last month. month.the centtrs for disease control and prevention says the outbreak is growing. the sterioid linked to this peniigitis outbreak was received here at the green spring surgeey center.this facilitt has now pulled the producc.the sterioddwas proouceddby a specialty pharmacy in massachuuetts.they vials of the contaminated sterrid to nearly one hundred facilities in 23 of now... there arr nearly 100 confirmed cases... and at least 7 eaths of the lives ccaimed was a maryland resident.despite the fact that this virus is not contagious... health officials say those numbees could grow weeks... he inccbation period can last up to four weeks. 2-dd. david samaai / fox ews medical a team"...if you got epidural, betwwen july of his need to be aware of this..." this..."to find a ccmplete received the tainted drug... you can log on to our website... fox baltimore dot com slash morniig news.
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detectives are investtgating a late night shooting in northwest pappeneddaround 10 p-m on fairlaww avenue near limited information... but officers said they got reports that a woman had beennshot. condiiion. a deadly assault in anne arundel county is under happened in brooklyn park around 9 'clock at night on ffiday..olice found niikkgartelman senior, near ichie highway and holy cross road... suffering fromm serious injuries...he llter died at the hospital.police believe he was involved in a fiiht...with another man. d-c metro commuters will soon see new signs that are stirring up controversy. controversy. starting today, anti-jihad signs wiil be posted in several metro stops. they read ... " in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. suppprt israel. &pdefeat jihad." after being taken to court by metro officials the group behind the ads ... the american freedom ddfense initiative... won the rrght to hang the posters .
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many residentt support the freedom of speecc allowing the signs to be put up... but &disa mercerrn says: "i think they shoulddbe allowed to ay it, but it's irresponsible." ikpeze says: "i bblieve that even though the posters are goiig up in the dd area, know about them, and wonder 3 why we let people say these types of things just becauss pherr is free speech. i think ttere's going to be drama." drama." metro officials &pwere worrieddabout the ads sparking violence, particularly fter the anti-u-s protests that occurred in late ssptember. ----- e've been waiting 15 years for the ooioles o host a playoff game.... so what is a few more hours? the rain delay was nearly 2 and a half hours, which actually pushed the result of the game into ttis mooning. what a way to start... the first pitch was
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thrown out by the victim and the hero in the perry hall high school shooting.. daniel borowy... and counselor jesse wasmer.. what an inspiring moment. on to the game.... cc sabathia always tough in the playoffs. bottom of the 3rd. o's down 1-0, but have two men on base...... nate mclouth, gett the single off sabathia...two runners come around to score... and the ooioles take the lead!!! yankees tie it in the 4th... and then the ats go silent for both teams until the 99h jimmjohnson in the game...he's not on this pitch. first batter of the iining, russell martin gges deep out to left and the yankees would not stop there. they score 5 runs off johnson, and take game one of the american league divisional series, 7-2.. great atmosphere.... tough result. 3313 we're going to bounce back, we'll be fine. we have alllthe
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confidence in the bullpen, and we have to do a better job of pushing runs acrrss, and give hhre's not much time to think about it, the two teams finished today, and will play at 8:00. the tough loss doeen't change the fact that this town has been transformed by the orioles this year.the team won years on friday, and there's still a ton of confidence as this series with the yankees continues. joel d. smith live at panera in towsoo with more postgame comments from the ppayers, and he's also checking out how the fannsare enjoying this baseball renaassance. gooddmorning joel d. d. mark reynolds: 3348 (the
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delay) we got 3&psome good card playinn in, but the fans stucc around the packed house, a great environment, it was a greatt night, exxept for tte outcome awesome,that's a big reason we
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wwnted tooget back here, so we &pwith the crowd supporting us, they were aweeome tonight. sorry we couldn't get them a win,hammell 3600 it took me intot he 3rd inning to where i felt strong, my timing was there and i felt like me again, but you knowt he knee felt great, and as i got stronger, the command was better and feel was a lot breathe right now, we're e getting through three adrenaline, and valuable experience-- ? 3714 iis something, its totally diff., it doesn't take muuh for your heart rate now that everybody but at llast we're playing a 5 pgme series noo just a shootout. 3 3 3 3 the ravens claam a 9-to-6 victory on thh road... in first... the ravens
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group of kansas city chieff... who eeentually helpee out the ravensswith four turnovers... three of which led to scores, and 8's a good thing too... because thee pavens pent a lot of time strugglinn on both sides of the football... and according to the quarterback... you haae to give them a lot of credit, flacco soteir struggles. sot the next game is sunday... against the cowboys. the pope's butler will spend 18 monnhs in an italian prison...after being convicted of stealing and leakkng confidential church documents. documents.paolo gabriele waa convicted in a vactican city court over the weekend.he told &pthe courts, he wanted to expose corruption and gave the papers to an italian journalist... who then used them to write a bbsttselling
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bookkgabriele says he doesn'' feel like a thief... becauue the church and his leader.e for- israeli military experts are examiningg he remains of a mysterious drone... shot down after entering israeli's believed hh unmanned vessel didn't takk &plebanon.israeli sscurity experts point the finger at israel's longstanding rival hezboolah, the shiite militia based in southern lebanon. coming up on the early the first-ever nats and -isto- privately owned rocket to carry ccrgo... to the international space station. &p 3
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((break liftoff of the space x falcon
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9 rocket rocket tte space-x rockkt is on its way to the international ssace station... for ts first-ever commerciil flight. flight.the unmanned cargo capsule is packed with about a thousand pounds of cargo... evvrythinn frrm low-sodium food kits to clothing and computer harr drives. itt' set to catchhup with the space station early wednesdayy ((2-shoo toss to ((aa libbmeteorologist))
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) mmpp395 map fiber map bel air map
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3 still to come... a new computer scam... to watch ouu f. hackers are holding important data for ransom. 3 honoriig our allen heroes.the memorial ceremony that took place over the weekend... in emmitsburgg ((bbeakk2)) barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know:
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if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. remembering our heroes.
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firefighters are nw adddd to the national memorial in maryland.paul gessler talked to the family of one of paryllnd's fallen firefiihter. fireeighter. ron siarnicki, national fallen figgterfighters foundation: 40.01 "this is an importtnt mommnttwhen our nation says firefighters who have died in the line of duty."one by one, ((sequence of names)))ames are read.ron siarnicki, nattonal fallee fighterfighters foundaaion: 41.08 "each of the fallen firefighters that we honor is not just a name. there is a story about (cutt what they did for their communities. (cut) member of a family."85 names... 85 stories. onn here in maryland. baltimorr county fire nhan, lutherville-volunteer fire company."gladys falkenhan: 34.05 "you miss him, miss him
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every time you hearrhis name... especiilly in a setting like this."falkenhan was killed in the line of dutt last year.christian falkenhan, probational ffrefighter: 35..14 "onceehe passed away, it dawned on me. i definitely now training to be a firefighter, and widow are one the country.gladys falkenhan: 36.19 "it is very emotional to know there'' a risk that we knew everytime mark leet us to go on a call and now he'' taking that risk."the 31st firefighter memorial: pushed innide mounttsaint mary's because of rain.gladys palkenhan: 33.16 "to cooe together as a nation, it's amazing to come together as one famill."firefighters mourn falkenhan: "this weekend has given us a full circle, aad now we have that closuree"dr. denis onieal: 29.19 "the bell tolls theii last alarm for riig)gladys falkenhan: (ttward pnd) "it's amazing the way the founddtion brings us all common bond: we all lost one sommone very significant to us saving lives."in emmitsburg, ten. gessler, fox45 news at - 80 firefighters died in the line of duty nationwide last year.five additional names from previous ears were added po the oll of honor , on
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sunday. straight aheed... digital kidna. kidnapping.the sophisticated nee scam that's prompped the f-b-i... to issue a wwrning. ((bbeak 33) 3
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it'' like a digital form of &pdata held for ransom by hackers using a sophisticated nee scam knownnas explains how it's happening. happening. steve merrifield owns a high end sporting goodssshop. after 27 years in businnss he'd been preparing to sell it. buuers stored on his computtr &prealized all of his data had peen frozen."the last words ii remember is this is not good. this is not good."it turned oot hackers had taken control &poffhis machine and fllshed messagg.for 3300 ddllars,
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merrifiild could haveehis data back.but it didn't top there. he'd have to fork over an additional thousand dollars for each week he didn't comply. he'd become a victim of what's being called ransomwwree"had you ever heard the term say it's appropriatelyynaaed. - yoo feel victimized you feel helpless."ransomware is pecoming so pprvasive that it prompted the fbi to put out a warning.the bureeu says it's getttng dozens of complaints each day."it's onn of the more ddstructive pieces of malware because they'll encrypt thhse files and if yoo don't pay they can just delete them." brrce nell of the computer security ffrm macafee says the methods hht it's virtually ed - impossible to reccver yyur data.itts believed most are operatinn overseas, so trackkig ttee down has become futile as reason some fall for the scam is the
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from the government ccusing users of things like child pprnography."it frightees people and kind of preys on amount of grief this will cause us would have been welll wasn't the approach ww took." the ansoo--- nor did he get hissdata back even affer taaing his computer to some of the best experts in the pndustry."after 10 dayy of diligence, they regret to the data." coming up... a spirited debate featuuing governor o'malley. o'mallee.the rguments he made... over who's to blame &pfor the state of the economy.
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